Men and Divorce Strategy

Why is it some men go through a divorce and flourish afterward while the vast majority of others live on the brink of poverty?

While money and a high income certainly help, that’s not the only reason some men thrive after divorce. Well, it’s because the “act” of divorce is really a business transaction.

Divorce is more a business transaction than a legal one. You can use this strategy in your divorce. In fact, this is the best divorce strategy anyone can give you.

Divorce winners conduct their divorce with the strategy that its a business transaction. They don’t appear in court, rarely hire lawyers, and don’t file lawsuits against their wife.

They negotiate a fair deal and settle quickly.

Divorce losers conduct their divorce like a lawsuit. They buy into the “TV divorce myth.” They hire an aggressive lawyer and sue their wife in court.

They spend thousands in legal fees let their divorce drag on for months in court.

Don’t go that route.

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