Divorce Tips: Learn The Dirty Tricks That May Win Your Divorce

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The fact that you’re found this article says it all. You’re ready to get your hands dirty. But be adviced, using the tricks below will cause fustration and it might just strike fear into your spouse’s heart. Even so, using the tricks will help you get what you want from the .

Here’s a few dirty tricks:

- Put money that’s supposed to be in a jointly held bank account into your own, and don’t tell your spouse about it.

- Use credit cards where your spouse is the main card holder. Use them to buy personal items, and your spouse will then be stuck with the bills when the is over.

- If you’ve moved out of the family home, refuce to pay anu houshold bills until the court forces you to do so. The point of this is to put your spouse in a financial situation where he or she (now desperate) might agree to an unfair settlement.

- Demand primary custody of your children even though you would have agreed to a joint custody or visitation arrangement. You spouse will probably be terrified by the thought, and he or she might agree to an unfair agreement.

So why is it so important to fight for this? Aren’t the lawyers there to get you exactly what you want? The short answer is yes, the long answer is no. As they will fight for your cause, they’re more interested in what they’re earning. A long with a lot of arguing will make them more money: it’s that easy. People may end up paying way more than they should have.

Other tips:

Another thing to remember: do not lose your temper. One of the most abused processes is the ORDER FOR PROTECTION alleging domestic abuse. Do not get caught in this trap. It makes any custody battle very difficult since there is a presumption under many state laws that an abuser should not have custody. Do not yell, grab, hit, or throw anything in the presence of your spouse or, even more significantly, in the child(ren)s presence. If your spouse tries to incite you, walk away. Something as simple as blocking someones egress from a room may be considered abusive.

To prepare for , in addition to acquiring necessary documentation, you may wish to photograph or videotape your furnishings, personal property and real estate. By photographing the contents of your home, you will create a comprehensive log of your possessions and the condition of your home. It may be difficult at a later date to recall all items or necessary repairs.

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