Divorce Mediation Can Reduce Alimony And Maintenance Costs For Spouses

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If you find yourself considering divorce, make sure that you know about alimony, as being uninformed can be a costly mistake for all parties involved. Simply put, alimony is the ongoing cost one spouse must give the other as a result of the dissolution of their marriage. It can be decided by the courts during the divorce process or it can be mutually agreed upon during divorce mediation. Depending on the lifestyle either part was accustomed to, the length of time for these payments can be finite or life-long. Traditionally they were award to the wife who usually was not the ongoing breadwinner of the relationship but nowadays that is changing.

Historically, men were the main support for their families and woman traditionally maintained the household. As you all know, that has changed in the last 40 years. With woman becoming more and more equal in income and stature in the workforce and the world to men, the word alimony has also changed. It is now referred to as, "Maintenance," and is now considered for either of the parties involved in the divorce. The overall monetary needs of the spouses are reviewed to see who has the greatest need for a, "Divorce Maintenance Accommodation (aka, "Maintenance")

There are different types of alimonies or maintenances and it is crucial to know about all of them so you can decide what is indeed best for you and your spouse. Unlike in years past, a mandatory, permanent maintenance is only awarded or considered if one of the spouses is unable to gain employment after the marriage separation. The more common type of maintenance is, "Temporary alimony." This type of maintenance is granted on the basis that the receiving spouse simply needs help in maintaining a certain quality of life throughout the divorce process. It has a targeted end date and does not continue on and on. One example would be a marriage separation where one spouse moves out of the house immediately without making provisions for paying household expenses like a mortgage or property maintenance. When this happens, a court-authorized award (Temporary alimony) is given to the spouse who remains in the household, during the course of a marriage separation to allow him/her to recover and get their finances back in order.

Another type of alimony or maintenance that mediators or judges consider is, "Rehabilitative alimony. This is usually a maintenance sum with a range from a few months to a few years and is designed to help the spouse learn a new profession or learn a trade so they can gainful employment and become financially independent.

Finding the right lawyer or divorce mediator when dealing with decisions having to do with alimony or maintenance is important and when you find one specializing in this in your locality you can receive some powerful advice based on their prior knowledge and experiences. Following this advice is critical if you want your divorce or mediation procedures to culminate in a beneficial and fair settlement for you and your spouse.

Many people choose to use these types of services as ammunition against their spouse and although this may seem profitable, in the long run you may hurt yourself and your spouse. Therefore, it is best to make sure you find someone who is experienced, has valid references, and is someone you like and trust.

Some of the affiliations you should look into are those mediators that are accredited by national organizations, have experience in not just the mediation process but also the financial processes. A certified financial divorce mediator is the position of someone well versed in the finances of divorce.

In closing, always remember that no two divorces are alike. Always make sure you discuss your needs with a couple of divorce mediators and attorneys so you can find the best one for your situation. Every step you take during this critical time may or may not have implications in the outcome so be sure to protect your rights and talk to a professional.

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