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Being an NCP (Non-Custodial Parent) has some advantages. A non-custodial parent doesn’t have custody.

Generally, the NCP has the kids every other weekend and one night during the week. Every Wednesday and every other weekend is a common schedule. At first, this seems incredibly limiting to you.

You’ve gone from being with the kids 30 nights per month down to 6-8 nights per month. That’s a significant change. But let’s look a little deeper.

With sole custody comes sole responsibility and all the accompanying stress. As a NCP, you’re still connected to your kids, but without most of the stress and responsibility.
You might find you’re just as active and involved in your kid’s life as a NCP as you were before the divorce. Many NCP’s are more active in their kid’s lives than married fathers of intact families are.

Being the NCP means you can still volunteer to coach your daughter’s soccer team or your son’s basketball team. And, you’ll still be attending teacher conferences and school plays.My point is, you can give your ex-wife full custody and remain an involved father.

So if you’re fighting for custody because you’re afraid of being “cutout” of your children’s lives, you’re fighting for the wrong reason.Being an NCP brings benefits that have nothing to do with the kids or being a parent. Freedom is a huge benefit of being a NCP. You’re free to do what you want, because legally, you don’t have to do anything.

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